The Motowners

The Sound That Changed America
Genre: R&B Dance, Soul
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Derrick Hadley and his Motowners perform the impressive catalog of Motown Records. The Motowners can be scaled up or down to accomplish a variety of sounds. The man of a million voices, Derrick Hadley, can match the timbre of all the great Motown Singers. However, Derrick is not the only vocalist in the group, therefore the Motowners end up emulating the Motown Sound with precision.

The Motowners aesthetically and aurally emulate the Motown experience to a tee. From the Temptations to Diana Ross, the Motowners are committed to faithfully performing the catalog of Mowtown Records. Derrick Hadley and the Motowners re-create the "Motown Sound" which consisted of Soul and R&B styles of yesteryear. The Motowners feature powerful vocalists and syncopated rhythm sections as they perform captivating renditions of the classics like "My Girl," "Standing in the Shadow of Love," and "Stop in the Name of Love."Derrick Hadley's Motowners have a strong appeal among audiences that remember the ground breaking sound of Motown. Audiences can watch the dance moves and hear the vocal flourishes they all remember.

Derrick spent the majority of his earlier entertainment career performing in off Broadway shows. Derrick subsequently developed a one man singing act. After which, Derrick established The Motowners, and by 2012 they were afforded the opportunity to perform for the First Lady Michelle Obama.

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